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Pirates Mural




Data sheet

Height 8 ft 3 in
Width 13 ft 8 in
Number of Panels 8
Prepasted No (paste included)

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The pirates have landed on their treasure island and are busy burying their bounty. The pirate group includes their peg legged leader, several ship's mates, and a pirate parrot. The pirate's ship, flying the jolly roger, looms in the background.

Colors: blue, green, brown, gold, gray, off-white, red

This mural is a large, scenic graphic applied to the wall much like wallpaper. This mural consists of 8 panels (4 upper and 4 lower), which makes it very easy for anyone to hang. A cellulose paste is included with this mural, as are easy to follow instructions.

After printing it was finished with a light vinyl coating. It can be cleaned (but not scrubbed) with a wet sponge.