Grasscloth Wallpaper Is Made From Natural, Renewable Grasses

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Jute is a plant that yields a long, strong fiber. Jute grasscloth wallpaper is made by weaving horizontal strands of
jute with vertical threads. Natural jute fibers are off-white (from the stem) to brown (from the outer skin), and are
anywhere from 4 to 12 feet in length. Jute is a renewable resource and can be grown in a few months.

Sisal is a species of agave. Sisal grasscloth wallpaper is made by weaving horizontal strands of sisal with vertical
threads. The sword shaped sisal leaves are approximately 5 or 6 feet in length, and are first beaten, and then
shredded into fibers. Sisal is a renewable resource. The life span of a sisal plant is approximatley 8 years, and will
yield a couple of hundred leaves.

Boodle is a wetland grass with fibers that are approximately 12 feet in length. Boodle grasscloth wallpaper is
made by weaving horizontal strands of boodle with vertical threads. Boodle plants can be harvested annually,
typically, from autumn to spring.

Sea grass (shown above in an underwater photo) is a flowering coastal plant with sword shaped leaves. Sea
grass grasscloth wallpaper is made by weaving horizontal strands of sea grass with vertical threads. Sea grass
is also used in furniture, being woven like rattan.

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