• Animals & Nature
    Animals & Nature

    Our Animals & Nature Murals category features designs taken from the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. Included are horses, trees, fish, and birds.

  • European

    Our European Wall Murals category features scenes from Europe. Included are French street scenes, european seascapes, and european countrysides.   

  • General

    Our General Wallpaper Murals category is a catchall for wall murals that don't fit neatly into other mural categories. Here we have a chinoiserie, a cabin by the lake, an old mill, a world map, and a moonscape.

  • Harley-Davidson

    Our Harley-Davidson Wallpaper Murals category features Harley-Davidson motorcycle murals.

  • Kids

    Our Kids Wallpaper Wall Murals category features designs for the young, and the young at heart. Designs include dinosaurs, fanciful sea scenes, Winnie-the-Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and fairy tale princesses.

  • Small Murals
    Small Murals

    Our Small Wall Murals category are those designs known as accent murals. Many accent murals are trompe-l'œil designs depicting relistic appearing windows, doors, niches, and alcoves. 

  • Tropical Murals
    Tropical Murals

    Our Tropical Wall Murals category transports the viewer to the tropics. Sometimes it's a view through an open window, but it could be a full wall opening right out onto a tropical beach, or into a tropical jungle. 

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