Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Borders 

Most wallpaper borders are straight edged, prepasted, and sold in 15 foot lengths. When one, or both, of their edges is not straight, the borders are described as die cut, laser cut, or sculptured.

A "Data Sheet" found below the border image, will include the height and length, the size of pattern repeat, and whether the border is prepasted.

  • Animals & Nature Border
    Animals & Nature Border

    Our Animals & Nature Wall Borders category features designs from the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. Included are designs featuring: birds (ducks, songbirds, swans, and hummingbirds to name a few), horses and other farm animals, American wild animals, and jungle animals.

  • Bath & Laundry Border
    Bath & Laundry Border

    Our Bath & Laundry Wallpaper Border category features retro bath & laundry signs, outhouses, clothesline, and vintage pedastal bathtubs. When looking for borders to be used in the bath, be sure to also check out Seaside, Botanical, and Contemporary, for more ideas. 

  • Botanical Border
    Botanical Border

    Our Botanical Wallpaper Border category features designs from the Plant Kingdom. Floral borders are a major presence, and also included are pine cones, grapevine, cherry, potted plant, ivy, floral watering can, and wreath designs.

  • Country Border
    Country Border

    Our Country Wallpaper Border category draws inspiration from rural settings. Included designs are bookshelves, winterberry branches, tin stars, nostalgic signs, and farm scenes. 

  • Fruit & Other Edibles Border
    Fruit & Other Edibles...

    Fruit & Other Edibles Wallpaper Border category features those designs well suited for kitchens and dining rooms. Included here are coffee, strawberry, lemon, wine, cherry, chef, and grapevine motifs. When looking for borders to be used in the kitchen and dining room, be sure to also check out Botanical, Architectural, and Contemporary, for more ideas.

  • Lodge Border
    Lodge Border

    Our Lodge Wallpaper Border category consists of outdoor and wild animal designs. Included are deer, moose, elk, pine cone, camo, vine, duck stamp, hunting dog, duck, cabin, and game fish patterns. 

  • Retro & Vintage Border
    Retro & Vintage Border

    Our Retro & Vintage Wall Border category are nostalgic designs from yesteryear. Included are vintage subjects, like vintage golf scenes, and retro designs from decades past, from the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

  • Seaside Border
    Seaside Border

    Our Seaside Wall Border category features designs related to the sea. Included here are lighthouses, seashells, underwater aquatic life, beach scenes, sand buckets, beach chairs, warships, and surfboards. 

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