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  • Animal Wallpaper
    Animal Wallpaper

    Our Animal Wallpaper category features designs from the animal kingdom. Included are fish, bird, reptile, and mammal designs, as well as zebra stripes, ostrich prints, leopard prints, etc.

  • Bohemian Wallpaper
    Bohemian Wallpaper
  • Botanical Wallpaper
    Botanical Wallpaper

    Our Botanical Wallpaper category features designs from the plant kingdom. Of course floral wallpaper is a prominent component including rose, tulip, magnolia, hydrangea, rhododendron, and lilac designs. Also found here is tree design wallpaper including bonsai, birch, blue willow, and palm designs.

  • Brick Wallpaper
    Brick Wallpaper

    Our Brick & Stone Wallpaper category features realistic masonry designs. Included are field stone, tile, stone block, river rock, brick, and stone slab designs, as well as paintable stone wallpaper.

  • Butterfly Wallpaper
    Butterfly Wallpaper
  • Check & Plaid Wallpaper
    Check & Plaid Wallpaper

    Our Check & Plaid Wallpaper category includes both classic simple checks and complex plaids.

  • Chevron Wallpaper
    Chevron Wallpaper
  • Closeout Wallpaper
    Closeout Wallpaper

    Our Closeout Wallpapers are patterns that have been reduced in price for liquidation. As with our other discount wallpapers, closeout wallpaper is guaranteed to be 1st quality, and samples are generally available.

  • Closeout Designer Wallpaper
    Closeout Designer...

    Our Closeout-Designer Wallpapers are designer patterns that have been reduced in price for liquidation. As with our other discount wallpapers, closeout-designer wallpaper is guaranteed to be 1st quality, and samples are generally available.

  • Clouds & Sky  Wallpaper
    Clouds & Sky Wallpaper

    Our Clouds & Sky Wallpapers are designs from the heavens. Here you will find a purplish sky, a starry sky, and an assortment of cloudy skies. These patterns offer a flexible complement, or background, to a variety of other sidewall designs or wall borders.

  • Concrete Wallpaper
    Concrete Wallpaper
  • Contemporary Wallpaper
    Contemporary Wallpaper
  • Damask Wallpaper
    Damask Wallpaper

    Damask design wallpaper draws from stately medieval fabric designs, and is considered a traditional mainstay of elegant fashion. Many older damask designs have been updated, or adapted, so that today damask designs can be used with effect in most every room in the house. 

  • Eastern Influence Wallpaper
    Eastern Influence...

    Our Eastern Influence wallpapers represent a variety of cultural influences. Included in these designs are grasscloth, bamboo, floral, and stylized Eastern scenes.

  • Faux & Texture Wallpaper
    Faux & Texture Wallpaper

    Faux is french for false. Faux patterns aren't real wood, stone, grass cloth, crinkled paper, bamboo, or stucco, but they have a genuine appearance. Also, many of them feel real because they are textured wallpapers.

  • Faux Fabric Wallpaper
    Faux Fabric Wallpaper
  • Faux Grasscloth Wallpaper
    Faux Grasscloth Wallpaper
  • Faux Metal
    Faux Metal
  • Floral Wallpaper
    Floral Wallpaper
  • French Influence Wallpaper
    French Influence...

    Our French Influence wallpaper category is primarily composed of fleur-de-lis and Jacobean designs. Sometimes traditional and stately, always tasteful.  

  • Fruit Wallpaper
    Fruit Wallpaper

    Our Fruit Wallpaper category features various types and styles of fruits. Some are realistic, and others are quite stylized. The fruits presented include lemon, lime, apple, cherry, grape, pear, and plum.

  • Geometric Wallpaper
    Geometric Wallpaper

    Our Geometric Wallpapers are the chic style of simple lines and shapes. Included are modern block design, intricate trellis, retro circle, curve, and dot, and chevron. They are minimalist, uncomplicated, and fun.

  • Glass Bead Wallpaper
    Glass Bead Wallpaper
  • Harlequin Wallpaper
    Harlequin Wallpaper

    Our Harlequin Wallpapers are the diamond shaped designs - simple and distinctive, modern and classic.

  • Jacobean Wallpaper
    Jacobean Wallpaper
  • Kids Wallpaper
    Kids Wallpaper

    Our Kids Wall Papers are the designs for children's rooms. Here you will find pictorial essays, whimsical plants and animals, fanciful maps and sceneries, and simple geometrics. The colors are often playful pastels, and rich primaries.

  • Leaf & Scroll Wallpaper
    Leaf & Scroll Wallpaper

    Our Leaf & Scroll Wall Papers are Baroque influenced designs of artistic curves and flourishes. They are elegant and sophisticated, reflecting their European heritage. Included are climbing ivy, acanthus scroll, leaf collage, and abstract swirls.

  • Metallic Wallpaper
    Metallic Wallpaper

    Our Metallic Wall Paper adds the shine, shimmer, and radiance to the room. Often chic and simple, the metallics include gold, silver, copper, and a variety of metallic colors.

  • Modern Wallpaper
    Modern Wallpaper
  • Novelty Wallpaper
    Novelty Wallpaper

    Our Novelty Wallpaper category is an interesting collection of maverick, zany, one of a kind, unusual, and odd designs that either don't clearly fit in another category, or that deserve special attention. In this design category we have included vintage balloon, bird cage, kitchenware, playing cards, and others.  

  • Nursery Wallpaper
    Nursery Wallpaper
  • Paintable Wallpaper
    Paintable Wallpaper

    Our Paintable Wallpaper category consists of textured, embossed designs that can be custom painted (or not) to any selected color. The designs include damask, squares, tiles, floral, medallion, stucco, stone, rattan, bark, beadboard, and pinstripe.

  • Paisley Wallpaper
    Paisley Wallpaper

    Paisley design is droplet-shaped of Persian origin, made up of colorful curved shapes. Often included in masculine collections, paisley designs can also include many playful variations.

  • Pearlescent Wallpaper
    Pearlescent Wallpaper
  • Polka Dot Wallpaper
    Polka Dot Wallpaper

    Our Polka Dot Wallpaper category contains dots, and more dots. Included are small dots, large dots, dots in many sizes, and dots in many colors. Many coordinate well with a number of other sidewalls and borders.

  • Retro & Vintage Wallpaper
    Retro & Vintage Wallpaper

    Our Retro & Vintage Wallpaper category are designs from yesteryear. Of course, some designs are old enough to be new again, so there is sometimes a thin line between retro and modern. Included are classic designs dating back hundreds of years, to more recent retro designs going back to recent decades, to the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

  • Small Prints Wallpaper
    Small Prints Wallpaper

    Our Small Prints Wallpaper category is filled with decorating's tiny helpers. They can coordinate with a variety of styles, and can fill an area too small for larger patterns (e.g. soffits and wainscoting).

  • Stone Wallpaper
    Stone Wallpaper
  • Stripes Wallpaper
    Stripes Wallpaper

    Our Stripes Wallpaper category exhibits the wide range of stripes. Included are bold wide stripes, narrow pinstripes, shaded stria stripes, and complex patterned stripes. Stripes can be a tasteful coordinate, or a supporting backdrop for other decor, as well as a feature wall by themselves.

  • Tile Wallpaper
    Tile Wallpaper
  • Textured Wallpaper
    Textured Wallpaper
  • Trellis Wallpaper
    Trellis Wallpaper
  • Toile Wallpaper
    Toile Wallpaper

    Toile Wallpaper comes from the french term "Toile de Jouy", and refers to a type of decorating pattern with a foreground of a single color (usually depicting a scene) and a white or off-white background. Included in our Toile Wallpaper category are two color patterns of complex hunting or rural scenes, etc, and others of simple silhouettes.

  • Tropical Wallpaper
    Tropical Wallpaper

    Our Tropical Wallpaper category has designs to transport you room to the tropics. Included are grasscloth designs, tropical fish, palm trees, and lush tropical flowers.

  • Wall Liner
    Wall Liner

    Our Wall Liner Wallpaper category consists of two products: heavy duty unpasted wall liner, and heavy duty prepasted wall liner. Heavy duty lining paper is recommended for lining over sand finish plaster, cement block, V-grooved paneling and other problem walls. It is an ideal base to apply other wallcoverings.

  • Words & Letters Wallpaper
    Words & Letters Wallpaper
  • Wood Wallpaper
    Wood Wallpaper

    Our Wood Wallpaper category includes designs of logs, planks, bamboo, bead board, wood grain, bark, and barn boards. The faux nature of these designs make them a suitable wall design by themselves, or they can be coordinated with a variety of other patterns.

  • Solids
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