York Designer Series

York Designer Series 

  • Aviva Stanoff
    Aviva Stanoff

    Heralding an eloquent union of nature and artifice, the Aviva Stanoff wallpaper collection from York Wallcoverings acheives deliberate luxury with creative lines and an expressive use of color and texture.

  • Dimensional Artistry
    Dimensional Artistry

    By employing shapes and shadows, lines and textures, colored and metallic inks, the Dimensional Artistry Wallpaper Collection from York Wallcoverings elevates simple forms into intricate designs and crisp clean patterns, ideal for contemporary decor.

  • Florence Broadhurst
    Florence Broadhurst

    Carefully designed to reimagine the legend of the Australian artist, the Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper Collection from York Wallcoverings celebrates her colorful life with bright hues and oversized patterns.

  • Modern Art
    Modern Art

    Inspired by the exhilarating Modern Art movement, the Modern Art Wallpaper collection by York Wallcoverings sets aside tradition and dares to explore and experiment with abstraction.

  • Missoni Home
    Missoni Home

    The acclaimed Italian design house presents Missoni Home Wallpaper from York Wallcoverings, an inspired collection including their iconic zig zag pattern, signature vibrant colors, and unique artistry.

  •  Carey Lind Coastal Calm
    Carey Lind Coastal Calm

    The enchanting Coastal Calm Wallpaper Collection from York Wallcoverings features white sands and azure waters, exotic sea creatures and tropical plants; behold the collaboration between Mother Nature and King Neptune!

  • Filigree

    The Filigree Wallpaper collection by York Wallcoverings includes fretwork on grasscloth, swirled organic patterns, and ombre colors on shimmering Mylar, merging the loveliest from traditional and contemporary design in a collection of stunning and timeless wallpaper.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 350 items

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